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From Holly Cottage

The plight of people who cannot afford healthy housing, healthy food an clean energy, such as solar, has become an almost obsessive concern for me. The fact that I am among that number does increase my sense of urgency some. But more than that, a growing understanding of the damages being done to our planet by our overindulgence, imbalances and selective blindness pushes me on. We, as humans, tend to be very short sighted, which is disgraceful considering we are the species with the intelligence to solve these problems.  We are also the ones with the intelligence to create the problem and the rest of the world must pay the price with us.

I am currently doing some research on low cost green housing, organic food supplies and affordable alternative energy.   The pickin’s are slim out there, people. I’d like to challenge every one in “ear” shot to join me in the search and share what you find here.  And —  by the way, why is it that most of the housing I find is the sterile, ultra modern design.  Some like it and that’s fine for them, but what about cozy?

The sad truth is that until these things become affordable to the average person, and the poor person, the thoughtful steps taken by those who can pay the price will make only a fractional difference.


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