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From Holly Cottage

Every time I toss coffee grounds, egg shells and other compostable goodies in the trash I feel a little sick.  Today I will attempt to assemble a composter.  (Because this is a rented house and I have neighbors, I need to do my composting in a discrete manner.)  I’m learning to do a lot of things now. When my husband was alive he would have built this for me, with a lot of swearing and grimacing, but he would have done it.  I don’t see any reason I should fail. I’m not a complete novice with tools and it looks simple enough. We’ll see if I still feel so confident by the time evening ends the day.

Besides kitchen scraps I have shredded mail to add to the mixture. Might as well make some good use of the junk mail. I once saw a gardening and cooking show where a woman was documented who had a small, successful restaurant where she served dishes prepared primarily from fresh produce she raised on the roof and from local farmers. She had a large composting set-up where she recycled kitchen scraps and she just threw her junk mail in without evening opening or shredding it. She had been doing this for a long time, so I guess she knew it would work.


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