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I guess we live and learn — hopefully. The weather has been hot, even more than most summers, and I have had so many projects going on inside the house that I thought it might be a good idea to get someone to come in and mow the lawn. This guy has done it for me a couple of times before, and for my neighbor as well. He doesn’t do the greatest job but it will pass — just. My neighbor, who almost always gets someone else to mow her lawn, had been having a hard time to get him to come once a week. she had to find someone else a couple of times. Finally, with enough urging, he grudgingly agreed to mow both our lawns day before yesterday. (He seems pretty content to let his wife support him.) He didn’t come then but showed up yesterday.  My neighbor made him do her yard over again because he had done such a bad job. I felt sure he would come to me after that and say he couldn’t get to me. To my surprise, there he was, mowing my yard. butchering it pretty much. He was mowing at random stripes and odd angles, leaving large swathes unmowed. Maybe he’ll get it before he’s done? Part way into the job he drove the mower to my back door and sat waiting for my to notice and come out. I did. He had pneumonia, he said, been fighting it for two months, smoking a cigarette — which did not cause a cough or apparent problems breathing. No bad, sick lung smell on his breath. He’s sick as a dog, he says. Must go home, probably to the hospital. He son will come tomorrow and do the string trimming — like string trimming is going to complete the mowing job! I could pay him then. Being a patient person I said, why, sure, hope you’ll be feeling better soon. (I think he wanted me to say, no, that’s all right, I’ll pay you right now. Not happening.) Today no son shows to do the string trimming. Outside, I go, fire up my lawn mower and complete the job myself — actually recut much of what he had done. What a relief. It looks much better. Moral of the story — do it yourself.


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I harvested a watermelon a couple of days ago and must say it was perfect. There has been enough rain for it to grow and enough sun for it to be sweet and full of flavor. Can’t wait to taste the first cantaloupe.
The scarlet sage is in full bloom and the humming birds are loving it. The humming bird feeder hangs neglected. The gold finch have been feasting on the sunflowers.

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