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I heard recently of a doctor who  contends that whole wheat bread makes people gain weight. He bases his conclusions on what he saw in his diabetic and prediabetic patients. It seems that when they ate whole wheat bread their blood sugar immediately went up and over a brief  time they gained, instead of losing weight. The doctor, doing some research, found that wheat had been genetically engineered over time, to increase appetite. When removing wheat from their diet the there was a remarkable weight loss and  an improvement in other medical conditions.  This leads one to be concerned about genetically engineered foods.  I suppose a genetically engineered anything which has been around for a long time and is grown without chemical fertalizer, pesticides, etc. could be legally labled organic.  Gives you pause for thought.

I did some searches and found there are a number of organizations out there who have gone all over the world seeking out “heritage” grains, reproducing and  making the seed available.  I’m trying to find where I can find flour and meal made from them.


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I was checking out the GreenBiz.com site today and saw an exciting news item, “Carbon War Room Aims to Cut the Barriers to Building Energy Retrofits”. The Carbon War Room, founded by Sir Richard Branson, is making serious progress in the renewable energy arena.

A news item posted on “Carbon War Room News and Analysis” September 19, 2011 details the formation of a consortium of entrepreneurs that will invest in installation of renewable energy systems for older commercial buildings.

The consortium is known as PACE Commercial Consortium, a group well worth following. Their goal is to bypass the complex financing currently out there for the retrofitting of these older existing structures. They intend to finance and put in place, turnkey, upgrades to renewable energy systems.

Some of the organizations involved with this are Lockheed Martin, Energi, Hanover Re, Barclays Capital and Ygrene Energy Fund.

This is a positive step in the right direction, a big one, I think. This is some of the team work I like to see. If we were to wait for the government to put together such a plan it would be a long time (If ever) getting it up and runniing and would be burdensomely complex and watered down.

I hope and believe we will begin to see more of these actions by private and corporate groups. This is the only way it will get done.

Now we need to find a way for individuals to get energy independance. I would love to see more and more companies and individuals producing their own energy and selling their excess to the power companies, bringing about less — much less dependance on foreign oil. I’m so tired of being held hostage by those whose goal it is to destroy or control us.

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I’ve been doing a lot of reading of the news and of the comments about it. AMAAAZING!!!! I think it is time to address real life as we live it today.

To start with — what is green heart living. A kind of or a part of the ‘save the earth movement’? Actually it is so much more. It is so much more that warm fuzzy feeling that we are doing some good thing. When you successfully garden you have to start with the soil. This is true of every aspect of life and living. The soil of our lives is the very basic strengths and character of humanity. It is the structure of mankind.

Hey, grandma, grandpa (guilty as charged). I’m a little tired of hearing that the young people are helpless, useless and never have things been worse than they are right now. Part that thinking is true, people are helpless, and sorry, grandma and grandpa, this includes you — me too. While some people delude themselves that it is a noble thing to pay homage to that condition to that helplessness and surrender to it as if it is a badge of wisdom. But there are some who are beginning to feel an awakening. Much of this awakening is happening among the young.

Times are worse now that they have ever been? Not so. Look at history. Young people, oldsters, all us need to look at the lessons of the past. Time and again since the beginning of time, when a civilization becomes so big, so cumbersome and complex and so much controlled by a few people of power, it collapses in on itself. The people who have become dependant on it for survival have died like a nursing baby without a mother. But among those people left to flounder on their own there have always been some stalwart, independant thinkers, who won’t die. They look around for what they can work with and build a new life. Among those survivors you won’t find the mindless stone throwers, the whinners and whimpers or those who waste time and energy looking for someone to blame.

Can I be a survivor? I don’t know. I’m a wimp both physically and mentally. In spite of the fact I pride myself that I face facts head on, it has been so much easier to ignore the difficult or harsh until forced to face it. To my credit, once forced to look those thing in the eye the fight comes into me and I stand up and charge.
Well, good people, I feel the charge mode coursing through my veins. Do I rush forward mindlessly? I surely hope not. Also, to my credit, I would rather take inventory, survey the damage and make a plan (quickly) that will be most effective. Survival or recovery is most fruitful when working in tandem with others of like understanding.

So, do we all grab our pitch forks and with screaming and anger, storm the castle? Not no, HELL, NO. You take the daggon pitch forks and start digging in the earth to grow the food needed for your survival. You take the hammers and starting building a new world. You quit looking to those who would lead you like hypnotized unreasoning lemmings to the edge of the cliff. You take the neccessary action to save you and yours. And do it as a team.

I would love to hear some contructive ideas from people who would rather do something than complain.

How do we survive without electricity? What do you think would happen to people in major cities if that were to happen for an extended period of time. It has happened. People suffered health problems, people died. What would happen if that were permanent. Are there steps we can take. Remember, with no electricity you can’t get gasoline to escape, there is no power to pump water from the source, how do you cook, heat/cool, clean, work? How do food and other necessities get to you? Once the pantry is empty where do you go and how?

Even in the country, how do you pump the water from your well, how do you get to a food source? How do you heat your home? Do you know how to grow your food. I’m not talking about a hobby kitchen garden. Can you feed your family and yourself without an outside supply? What do you own that will help you and what will be a millstone around your neck?

It’s time to THINK, and prepare. What can you lose if you don’t need to put those plans into action. You would lose only your dependancy on powers other than yourself. You would lose your sense of helplessness. Am I over reacting. Maybe. But what could you lose.

Strengthen yourself physically. Improve your health. Learn all you can. Stock up. While your at it, trim down your fat way of life. Go back to what is really important.

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No electricy for 5 days. Major inconvience. What if it was gone, I mean GONE. What would you do?

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