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Wow! What a bummer. I have developed allergies to something. Don’t know what. Doctors don’t know. I developed a severe rash on my entire torso and it was begining to go down my arms and legs. None of the standard treatments even touched it. All blood work comes back showing me healthy as a work horse. When symptoms finally abated I was taking medications, but also changing from usual products, detergents and personal care, to purfume free ones. All this started 6 weeks ago. At present the rash has deminished to a faint presence and only a small fraction of the itching but it still remains to a small degree. Today My arm swelled up, a large hive starting down in the muscle. My arm looks like Popeye the sailor man. I don’t know where to go from here.


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Hi.  the trees I planted are getting pretty well established.  They are still healthy.  I expect I will see some growth next spring.  I had to move my gardenia.  The puppy thought it looked like a pretty good toy and kept snatching it out of the ground.  I didn’t think he could reach it on his cable but he ran under the porch to get to it.  I have planted it in the front yard and sirprisingly it survived and is beginning to grow.  We have put lattice under the porch now and it lookes nice as well as keeping him from going under there.

He was dragging out all kinds of things; car parts, tools, short bits of wire.  You get the picture.  And glass, everywhere I dig around here I get glass out of the ground.  I even found one of those 8 oz cheese crocks about 10 inches down in the ground intact when putting in another flower bed.  The last people who lived here must have treated the yard like it was a trash dump.  It’s been interesting.

We have put in a vegatable garden.  My husband has even gotten into it.  I was trying to dig it up with a digging fork.  He repaired the tiller and turned it for me.  Now each day when he comes home from work he goes to check it out before coming into the house.

I am having some problems.  I hope someone can help me out.  The corn didn’t grow much and tassled before the ears were ready.  So that didn’t produce much.  The beans grew well but had few blooms and fewer beans.  The cucumbers and squash just died. So did most of the water melons and cantaloupes.  One water melon is growing all over the place and producing.  I have never had a problem getting beans, squash and cucumber to grow.  I think those before me may have done auto repair out there given the things I dug out of the ground there.  However, if that had messed up the soil that much I don’t think we would have gotten the growth we did.  Any ideas???

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