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Cottage in the Country

We’re heading into late February and the weather the past few days has been gloriously beautiful. I went out yesterday in 70 degree temperatures and planted some trees. I mentioned Arbor Day Foundation in my last post. I got a variety of trees and shrubs from them and that is my starting place. I planted a maple, an oak, a river birch, a crabapple, a gray dogwood, a hazelnut, and a peegee hydrangea. I still have some privet hedge, a Washington hawthorne and forsythia to plant — maybe today. Recovering from an injury and I’m pretty tired, but my mind is racing. My vision is starting to come into focus. Sometimes it helps if one is not able to complete plans as soon as we want. Living here for the past several months I have learned just how fierce the wind is. This house in bordered on two sides, NE and NW by large fields. The wind screams around this house, often when most neighbors are experiencing none or only a breeze. A windbreak is in order. I think I will use Red Cedar. They are considered a ‘weed’ tree here and finding shoots in field borders will be easy. They grow fast and dense and should be effective. They should also help where privacy is concerned. All parts of our yard are in full view of neighbors and the road. With spring in the air I am getting excited.


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