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It’s not quite even officially summer, but some of us are already seeing scorching temperatures. This being hard on the heels of a wildly unpredictable winter and spring, which has made starting gardens difficult for many of us.

To make matters worse, some people don’t even have air conditioners- odd as that might sound in this day and age. Or if they do, the machines either aren’t hooked up or aren’t running at peek efficiency.

Not all is lost, though! There are things you can do to protect yourself from overheating.

Drink lots of liquids, especially water.

You will be losing a lot of moisture by sweating, and that can cause a lot of trouble. Note what happened during the heat wave several years ago when people were dying in their apartments because no one was making them drink.

While drinking chilled drinks, hold the glass against your wrist- especially your left pulse.

Believe it or not, it does actually work. All the blood in your body passes that point eventually, so it’s a good place to actually cool it.

Wear loose clothing when you can.

That way the material won’t be holding heat against your body.

Use ice packs.

Ice packs aren’t just for headaches- though they can reduce your chances of getting one! A few times when I was dealing with temperatures in the 100s, I had ice packs and frozen towels wrapped around my neck and head. While it looked funny, it actually kept me pretty comfortable!

Another thing that might sound funny but actually does work is sitting a bowl of ice in front of a fan for a makeshift air conditioner. But make sure to have a towel under your bowl too to catch the condensation.

Keep cool, everybody!

Plain Jane


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