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Now, I know a lot of people who want to have gardens don’t because they believe it will be a lot of work, or require a lot of space.

That isn’t strictly true, if you handle it right. For instance, I built a couple of crude raised beds/lasagna gardens that even now have herbs and assorted plants growing in them. I don’t worry about weeds because the newspaper which comprises the bottom of these little gardens has suppressed them. The dirt I use on top is largely well-composted straw and leaves, mixed with coffee grounds, egg shells, and vegetable matter. And so far the plants love it! Not to mention I don’t have to water much because the compost holds the water so well.

Even if you don’t have a yard to plant, you can grow things in pots. And with some plants such as members of the mint family, that’s even advisable because they are so vigorous and prone to spreading. With container gardening, though, there are two things you need to watch out for:

1) That your pots have drainage so you won’t drown your plants.

2) The flip-side, which is making sure your plants do have enough water.

Another challenge for people growing plants inside is making sure they get enough light. If you don’t have the window space, you can look in nurseries and maybe even home-improvement stores for grow-lights.

Happy Gardening!

Plain Jane


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