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Electricity is one of those things that many of us take for granted- and I’m as guilty of this as anyone.

But after living through ice storms and several hurricanes (Isabelle, Rita, and Katrina being the most notable), it got me to thinking: What can we do to help ourselves in case of major power outages? The utility people work miracles restoring power after accidents and catastrophes. But they can’t be everywhere at once. And they’re as vulnerable to accidents as the rest of us. Perhaps more so, since they are the ones handling all this dangerous current. Add to that that the price of power has gone up along with everything else, and we have the ingredients for a disaster.

It doesn’t help that all a clever terrorist has to do to paralyze the entire country is hack certain key computer systems to shut off all electricity.

There are alternatives.

Solar power, for instance. It has been known for decades, and even now research is being done to improve it.

Wind power, like solar, is available readily. And unlike solar it doesn’t depend on the sun being in the sky. But it does have its drawbacks: For instance, a wind tower would be vulnerable to the same storms that generate the winds to run it.

I’ve even wondered if it is possible to build and configure a system that uses both. For instance, can we build a wind tower with solar panels mounted on it, with the excess power being stored in a battery pack until needed?

Let us think about it. And more importantly, let us do.


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Plain Jane talks about…

Plain Jane.

This is merely an introduction. You will be hearing from me a lot, talking about many different things from common household items to energy conservation and even alternate sources of energy.

I’m not that special: I’m not fabulously beautiful, I don’t have a Master’s Degree in anything, and I’m not a frothing-at-the-mouth activist for any purpose. I am simply someone who has observed a lot, and along with others decided it was time to actually do something- even if it is only sharing information.

Some people have said that the future of the human race is in outer space. And perhaps it is. But until we can actually get there, Earth is the only world we have. So we have to take care of her, so she in turn can take care of us.

That includes not wasting the resources we have, and not creating yet more poisons.

Welcome to our humble little site.

Plain Jane

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Why Green Heart Living?

I wanted to try and say here why I have become involved with this blog. Looking around myself lately, I am just not satisfied with what I see. What I see worries me. For me, it seems that life has made a wrong turn, headed in the wrong direction, away from a satisfying life, toward a life that is ultimately unsustainable. And I just don’t want to live that way.

Over the years, we have organized life, created a system to run our lives. And now, the system we created does just that: it runs our lives. We are caught in our own system, our own organization, not satisfied with our lives, but unable to see our way free. The system that we created has now become our master. We are dependent on the system, and if the system ever fails, that dependency will be our undoing.

In this system, we are not ‘citizens’, we are merely ‘consumers’. We have to work harder every year to earn more so that we can buy more to keep the wheels turning. The cycle repeats itself, and must repeat itself to keep the wheels from falling off. We can never stop. Our lives are no longer our own. Unfortunately, despite all that we do, it may grind to a halt anyway.

I am sure some will say that all this is just a cliche; It has all been said before, in better ways.
It is true that none of this is original, but that does not make it any less true. The people who dismiss all this as a cliche may see this intellectually, but they may not see it emotionally. They may not feel it enough to want to make changes in their lives. Now, perhaps there are people for whom the system works just fine. They are satisfied with their lives just the way they are. If so, more power to them. But for others, like myself, it does not make them wrong.

For myself, I want to find a different way, a simpler way. I will not say here a “better” way, because “better” is in the eye of the beholder. It is not that I want to go completely back to nature. But I do want to become more ‘in tune’ with the natural world, gaining more independence from the system that runs our lives. I hope to find a more balanced medium where we can live. That would be a good place to be.

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