The plight of people who cannot afford healthy housing, healthy food an clean energy, such as solar, has become an almost obsessive concern for me. The fact that I am among that number does increase my sense of urgency some. But more than that, a growing understanding of the damages being done to our planet by our overindulgence, imbalances and selective blindness pushes me on. We, as humans, tend to be very short sighted, which is disgraceful considering we are the species with the intelligence to solve these problems.  We are also the ones with the intelligence to create the problem and the rest of the world must pay the price with us.

I am currently doing some research on low cost green housing, organic food supplies and affordable alternative energy.   The pickin’s are slim out there, people. I’d like to challenge every one in “ear” shot to join me in the search and share what you find here.  And —  by the way, why is it that most of the housing I find is the sterile, ultra modern design.  Some like it and that’s fine for them, but what about cozy?

The sad truth is that until these things become affordable to the average person, and the poor person, the thoughtful steps taken by those who can pay the price will make only a fractional difference.


Every time I toss coffee grounds, egg shells and other compostable goodies in the trash I feel a little sick.  Today I will attempt to assemble a composter.  (Because this is a rented house and I have neighbors, I need to do my composting in a discrete manner.)  I’m learning to do a lot of things now. When my husband was alive he would have built this for me, with a lot of swearing and grimacing, but he would have done it.  I don’t see any reason I should fail. I’m not a complete novice with tools and it looks simple enough. We’ll see if I still feel so confident by the time evening ends the day.

Besides kitchen scraps I have shredded mail to add to the mixture. Might as well make some good use of the junk mail. I once saw a gardening and cooking show where a woman was documented who had a small, successful restaurant where she served dishes prepared primarily from fresh produce she raised on the roof and from local farmers. She had a large composting set-up where she recycled kitchen scraps and she just threw her junk mail in without evening opening or shredding it. She had been doing this for a long time, so I guess she knew it would work.

I’ve been following BackyardVeggieGarden@BackyardTweets. Loads of information and they think like I do. Check them out. You’ll love it.

I’ve got a shiny new Farmer’s Almanac and I’m going to try to garden by the moon this year (Astronomical, not astrological). According to the moon today through Sunday is a barren day in my area and therefore ideal for tilling to kill unwanted weeds. Unfortunately the ground outside is pretty wet right now so I’ll have to wait for the next time around, which is 23rd-26th. Like I said. I’m going to try. It will be an interesting experiment.

What a storm we had last night. The rain poured and the wind blasted. My poor dog, Julie, who has anxiety issues, cried and barked all night. It is strange that when she goes outside in the wind she enjoys it, but when she is inside she thinks something is attacking the house. Needless to say, not much sleep. this morning there are a lot of power outages in our area. Not me, I’m happy to say, but there are those dealing with this problem. Again, this brings the concern to my mind, are we too dependent on those power lines? Are we too dependent on foreign oil? Are there practical ways the average, or even the poor can free themselves financially and environmentally of energy enslavement? Most solutions out there are expensive and out of reach. Also, what if you are renting? Most systems become part of a structure and therefore may not be done by a tenant. Sadly, you don’t see solar panels on the house tops of the ones who need it most. This includes a large part of the population. These solutions must become widely available if we are to become energy independent as a nation and if we are to be more responsible to the environment. Without that all the green drumbeat is only lip service.

I am looking at an interesting site http://www.zeroenergydesign.com /Low Income Housing3html. There are some great energy efficient low cost housing plans there. I love it because they have all you need without the costly fluff. For low income people interested in owning their own home, cutting energy costs and living with an eye toward improving the environment it is well worth researching.  Click on Low Income ZED Housing on the right.